[fpc-pascal] Division by Zero - not raised exception

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Apr 18 19:24:58 CEST 2006

> If  FreePascal founders are registrated as a company, contract would have
> legitimity in the law, otherwise will not.

Incorporating into a registered company doesn't really help secure anything
down - for example Borland could cut off the Delphi product at any time (or sell
it) even though they are a "legal" company. Companies spend more time yapping
about their shareholders and what would be best for the shareholders instead of
what would be best for the developers (read the Borland news groups - everyone
always comes up with the excuse that "but what the developer wants isn't always
good for our shareholders". Even though developers are buying the software and
supporting the figurehead shareholders. Doesn't make sense to me.).
Or maybe you mean a foundation, like a non-profit organization? Obviously FPC is
not out for profit, but out to help the developer. So I can see a non-profit
organization working - but this would mean that FPC team would spend more time
on things like Accounting, Lawyers, etc. Look how free software foundation is
spending time hiring lawyers and etc. for their foundation.

Although I do agree that freepascal should not just be a hobby for all, and some
of us should start using it within their jobs to make it a better compiler. I'm
sure lots of people rely on GCC and PHP at their jobs every day - and this helps
make it better because it must be high quality at work, higher quality than just
hobby. I use FPC for some of my work (websites, misc tools), but not experienced
enough to be a development team member yet.  I'm guessing there are a few others
that use FPC in their real jobs. If you can't find jobs out there that use
Pascal then you have to be really brave and start your own business and start
hiring people with Pascal skills. Someone has to do the work. Or use FPC
internally in your home/small business yourself without worrying about the
current work available.

How to balance a clash of free vs open vs closed vs commercial? Some people
could care less about source code (customer at home who has never programmed in
his life, looking for a paint program on download.com, let's say). So sell
software to those folks who don't need the sources. But keep some software open,
such as the compiler and RTL - because in this case developers do care about the
sources and fixes are easiler to apply with them.

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