[fpc-pascal] Division by Zero - not raised exception

Sasa Zeman public at szutils.net
Mon Apr 17 23:04:58 CEST 2006

> IMHO you should already be happy with the internal linker because you are
> now able to create a smartlinked lazarus without requiring 1+ GB of
> memory.

FPC and Lazarus are just testing alternatives. Comparing FPC performance of
internal linker with Delphi's or with external LD, I found no reason use it
on current environment.

> Please stop asking for pathetic requirements. Especially for things where
> you don't know where you are talking about and therefor without in-depth
> analyses where things could be improved.

Please define "patetic requirements"...  I find this very inpropriate and
quite insolting.

Keep in mind that I'm not in FPC developer team nor I'm interested. Nor I
have a time for code analysis, as already mentioned. Exceptioin that all
people need to read 1000s lines of code is not realistic to wrote
suggestions by your FPC team project vision. My goal is to use software
which is suitable to produce working application on specifically used
environment and from that naturaly comes suggestions may or my not be
suitable for the project. Nobody force you or anyone else to accept it.

I did expected here an academical answer, raised from any banal insoltings.

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