[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

Elio Cuevas Gómez elio at mixtk.com
Mon Oct 31 04:29:29 CET 2005

El Dom 30 Oct 2005 14:27, Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho escribió:
> > > This eliminates:
> > > a) C++ using any platform independent library, like gtk, qt,
> > > wxwidgets, etc, because the library is too big to fit a floppy
> >
> > Which library do you use for Pascal that fits in a floppy?
> LCL (Win32 on Windows and gtk 1.2 for Linux).
> After strip and upx I get:
> 700kb on Linux
> 420kb on Windows
> And this does not require any special library to be distributed. I am
> guessing any modern linux already comes with gtk 1.2 +. The main size
> problem is for Windows, witch in run on the vast majority of old
> computers. The app needs to fit a floppy and run on a 233Mhz computer
> with Windows 95. Lazarus produces this kind of app.

This is not really a fair reason to reject C++. You can also program gtk 1.2 
applications in C++. Of course you still have all the other problems with 
C++ :).
About your guess, well, i have always had to explicitly install gtk1.2 libs in 
order to install Lazarus. The only exception was FC3. gtk1.2 is already too 
old, most distros will, if at all, use gtk2 instead. But anyway you can't 
spect to fit everything in a floppy do you? You always have to asume 

> The result with Delphi is significantly superior as I get a 400kb app
> that handles XML DOM, many forms and lot´s of data without upx. But is
> not platform independent...
> > Perl is usually fast, Python not so much. But anyway if you want fast go
> > with assambler :-).
> No, I have already seen a speed comparion using the factoring of a
> number as the problem. Perl and Python are overwelmingly inferior no
> anything, including Java, c++ and pascal. java is slow then both c++
> and pascal.
> Assembler is not cpu independend =)

Well, all depends in the application i guess. If i want really small i use 
assambler (mosly for PIC programming), i want really fast i do it in C, if i 
want fast implementation i do it in Python, if i want fast GUI implementation 
i use Lazarus. For anything else i use Pascal.

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