[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

Alain Michaud Alain.Michaud at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Sun Oct 30 19:13:21 CET 2005

> Errr...Lazarus is a good IDE/RAD? It certainly is a good start, but is
> far from being comparable with other development enviroments. If you
> ask me, it's too much like Delphi (that's really bad). Although 99.5%
> of my apps use gui, I never use the visual editor (I gave up hoping
> that the next click on the palette wouldn't kill lazarus). I'd kill to
> have something like Eclipse or NetBeans for fpc.
> I use Lazarus only because it's the only ide available. Don't get me
> wrong, I absolutely love fpc and Lazarus, but I won't use it for any
> of the projects at work (I use Java/Eclipse for that).

I use Lazarus, and I like it very much.  They have improved it very much
since the last two releases and it does not crash any more. It is a
GREAT software, and even if the documentation should more uniform, the
2-packages system  (FPC-Lazarus) is OK.

My message to the developers: Do not add any new features until the
first Official release. Then write a book!

Good luck. 


Alain Michaud    

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