[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun Oct 30 07:26:34 CET 2005

>- Some users may want to run FPC from the command-line only (or other IDE, e.g. SciTE or
Vim) and not bother >with the Lazarus IDE
>- Some users may already have FPC installed and not want to re-download it when installing
>- other reasons?

Maybe some people want to try FP-IDE and not bother with lazarus if they are from a
DOS/turbo pascal background. Myself I'm too young for that and have never used turbopascal
once.. but I'm sure others have.

Were any people at the Systems from turbo pascal era? i.e. i hear turbo pascal was used in
universities a lot in some places.

>2. If I direct my web browser to freepascal.org, it can't find it. The site is one of the
very few I encounter that >requires me to type the www prefix. This is a pain in the butt
and I bet it deters many potential users.

Simple .htaccess fix with mod_rewrite (attention: webmaster ;) )

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