[fpc-pascal] Systems 2005: A first summary

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sat Oct 29 22:38:05 CEST 2005

> No, this doesn't match with our experiences we had at the systems: a lot
> of people said, yes, I tried fpc but I didn't like to work with the
> command line. When we asked, did you try lazarus, the answer was, no, I
> didn't know about it.

Of course, but I don't think you mean mean the projects have to merge, it just means the
advertising has to merge (cross-advertise each other more).. I'm sure the FPC team doesn't
want to merge with lazarus? Just change the marketing/advertising tactics right?

i.e. maybe in big bold font on the FPC website:
"Lazarus is the major IDE that uses FPC" or something similar.

In an FAQ section:

 What is FPC exactly, and what is lazarus?

 If you come from a delphi background, consider FPC like DCC. FPC is not an IDE, just like
DCC is not an IDE.

 What is DCC, I don't know what that stands for?

 That is the compiler that powers the Delphi IDE.

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