[fpc-pascal] Systems 2005: A first summary

Jilani Khaldi jilani.khaldi1 at virgilio.it
Sat Oct 29 13:08:48 CEST 2005

> I got few suggestions, especially to target more Delphi developers.
> 1. Maybe it'll better for public and new users to know 1 product 
> instead of two: FPC (the compiler) and Lazarus (the IDE). Just like 
> Delphi for the compiler and the IDE in a single package. I still got 
> many times question like this: "what's the difference between FPC and 
> Lazarus?" or "why I still need FPC if I already got Lazarus?". Because 
> many new users think that Lazarus is also a Pascal compiler, another 
> Delphi clone, or Kylix alternative. :p

I think that FPC has to remain FPC, a language + compiler just like GCC. 
IDE and Lazarus could be run on top of FPC, like many IDE run on top of 
GCC. But what we really and always need is a very robust, lean and clean 
language/compiler and FPC guys are doing a nice job in this direction. 
Adding features on features and visual components lead to MFPC (Mammouth 
Free Pascal Compiler) that nobody wants. I think that FPC has to compete 
with GCC and not with Delphi. Taking FPC and Lazarus as 2 different 
projects is the way to go (my 0.02c).


// Jilani KHALDI

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