[fpc-pascal] Lazarus IDE Question

David Chandler david at davidchandler.com
Mon Oct 24 01:20:46 CEST 2005

Thank you Micha for your help so far.  Your suggestion worked, at least 
in getting the menu structure created at design time.  However it locks 
up at run time.

I created a bare-bones do-nothing test menu and double clicked each menu 
option to create an empty procedure in response to a mouse click.  If I 
have no submenus, everything seems to work.  But if I add submenus, the 
menu system locks up.

One of my questions is, do I need to create click-handling procedures 
for the menu items whose only function is to open a submenu?  The system 
locks up whether I create these procedures or not, but I can't imagine 
what I would put in such a procedure if it were required.  Is there some 
other property I need to set to get the menu system to work?  Is there a 
tutorial or documentation (short of reading the source code) that leads 
me through this learning process?  (I feel awkward having to rely on the 
mailing list for questions I would normally be able to answer for myself 
reading a book or online document.  I have been using Mastering Delphi 
6, by the way, on the assumption that the Lazarus IDE is roughly 
--David Chandler

Micha Nelissen wrote:

> David Chandler wrote:
>> I am trying to create a menu bar using Lazarus.  I drop the TMainMenu 
>> icon onto the form.  Then I modify the Items in the Object Inspector 
>> and can get the first menu item, but that is all.  I can't enter more 
>> menu headings or submenu items.  I checked a Delphi reference and saw 
>> a similar mechanism, but it provides little dashed boxes to lay out 
>> the whole menu structure.  The corresponding structure in Lazarus 
>> seems inert.
> The trick is to right-click, then you get a menu, choose "insert item 
> after" or something alike.

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