[fpc-pascal] Questions on Documentation

Bob Richards bob at tamara-b.org
Tue Oct 11 02:19:56 CEST 2005

Hi All:

I am new to this list, but not new to pascal programming. I have been writing pascal code
since Turbo pascal Version 3.0.

I have installed Free Pascal Ver. 2.0.0, running it on a Linux WorkStation, and am writing
CGI apps which run on a Linux server. I love FPC! It keeps me honest, and my code "safe",
and easy to follow years later.

I miss the old DOS IDE of Borland-of-Old; FP is somewhat OK, and Lazarus is way too much
for system programming. But that's no real problem, VI does me just fine!

The biggest problem I have run into is the function/procedure documentation. While very
complete, and clearly written, it is organized in a way making it difficult to find
things. Similar functions and procedures are scattered among various Units, making things
difficult to locate. What I need is a reference document, listing procedures and functions
by category (or at the very least alphabetically as in the Turbo Pascal 5.0 Reference
guide). All disk-file routines for instance, listed, in one place.

I was reviewing some code I wrote, and discovered that some functions I had written were
now part of an FPC Unit (more elegantly coded I might add).... Is there such a
cross-reference document somewhere? If not, can one be generated using 'fpcdoc'?

Are there any printed manuals? Has someone written a good book which would be a good
reference? Not knowing any OOP (nor having a desire to) would purchasing a book on Delphi
help me in my FPC documentation quest? Any sugestions on which one?

Best Regards

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