[fpc-pascal] make install problem

Bartek bbartek at gmx.net
Fri Nov 11 20:46:51 CET 2005

Vincent Snijders wrote:
> Peter Vreman wrote:
>>> Hi ,
>>> I've install source of FPC 2.0.x, updated from svn.
>>> After make install I see this:
>>> cp.exe: cannot remove old link to `/pp/examples/fcl/.svn/dir-wcprops':
>>> Permissio
>>> n denied
>> Installing into an already existing directory is not supported for a svn
>> checkout. This is a problem of cp.exe that we can't solve.
> There are two different workarounds:
> 1. Before building, do a svn export of your svn directory to a temporary 
>   director and build from there.
> 2.  delete the existing directory (ugly for examples, because it copies 
> the .svn subdirectories too)
> Vincent.
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I am having this problem too. I followed your advise (svn export) and 
the compilation went without problems. I am using the newest Fpc and 
Lazarus versions from SVN.
But now, Lazarus wont start. When I start Lazarus with "Lazarus.exe" 
(what is "startlazarus.exe" for? does it only show the splash screen?) 
it terminates immediately (I checked it with my process explorer, it 
does launch) No error messages :/.

OS: WindowsXP
Fpc and Lazarus: newest from svn

Thanks in advance.


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