[fpc-pascal] make install problem

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Fri Nov 11 08:19:20 CET 2005

Peter Vreman wrote:
>>Hi ,
>>I've install source of FPC 2.0.x, updated from svn.
>>After make install I see this:
>>cp.exe: cannot remove old link to `/pp/examples/fcl/.svn/dir-wcprops':
>>n denied
> Installing into an already existing directory is not supported for a svn
> checkout. This is a problem of cp.exe that we can't solve.

There are two different workarounds:

1. Before building, do a svn export of your svn directory to a temporary 
   director and build from there.
2.  delete the existing directory (ugly for examples, because it copies 
the .svn subdirectories too)


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