[fpc-pascal] CASE

Paul Davidson pdavidson at coraxnetworks.com
Tue Nov 8 04:42:15 CET 2005

May be having case statement problem.

App has case statement with 146 sequential labels.
They are in order, from a defined type.
The assembler output is scanning each label, where it seems a jump 
would be more efficient.

ppc 32, Darwin
/usr/local/bin/ppcppc cape80.pas -Ci -Co -g -gl -O1 -vr -a -al 
-FEbuild/cape80.build/cape80.build -ocape80

Also tried -O2 and 3


# [735] case l3o3.FormType of                                           
  // Select 3o3 processor
	lwz	r2,160(r1)
	cmplwi	cr0,r2,0
	beq	cr0,L1051
	cmplwi	cr0,r2,1
	beq	cr0,L1052
	cmplwi	cr0,r2,2
	beq	cr0,L1053
	cmplwi	cr0,r2,3
	beq	cr0,L1054


Any hints?

P Davidson

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