[fpc-pascal] Asm

Carsten Bager carsten at beas.dk
Fri Nov 4 11:40:42 CET 2005

The below Pascal code cannot compile with ARM Pascal 
compiler. If I use $EFFFF034 as constant it compiles. I am 
trying to write some assembler in the Pascal source code (to 
get around this error), could someone give me a hint how to 
write the line:
  VICDefVectAddr := @UartInterrupt;
in assembler.

Regards Carsten


  VICDefVectAddr : Pointer Absolute $FFFFF034;

Procedure UartInterrupt;

  VICDefVectAddr := @UartInterrupt;

---- Assembler sorce code ---------------------------
# [212] VICDefVectAddr := @UartInterrupt;{ holds address at what 
routine for servicing non-vectored IRQs (i.e. UART1 and I2C) starts }

        ldr     r0,.L68
        ldr     r1,.L69
        str     r0,[r1]

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