[fpc-pascal] Lazarus and FPC integration

Agustin Barto abarto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 02:51:38 CET 2005

On 11/1/05, L505 <fpc505 at z505.com> wrote:
> I think there isa  unicode version of synedit and it probably wouldn't take too much work to
> get it working for freepascal
> "Unicode Version: Actually into CVS there is available a UNICODE Version of synedit,
> snapshots are available here"
> I'm not experienced with unicode myself, but is this what you are looking for?

The problem is not with fpc. In fact the only thing I had to do what
to get the Delphi code to compile was shorten some method names.

I'm using Emacs and JEdit to code Pascal, so type Unicode (or
iso8859-1) is not a problem.

The problem was that I can't type any composed character (like á é ü)
on Lazarus. As someone already corrected me, this problem isn't
related to unicode, but with a gtk+ bug (or something like that).

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