[fpc-pascal] Blockread and buffers

Michał Woźniak mikiwoz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 25 22:01:32 CET 2005

Does anybody here on this list want the hints off by default? I don't.
Definetely, a possibility to switch hints on/off (with the latter as default) 
would be great, but if it is not available.

It is also clear to me that, concerning hints, there is no such thing as 
Delphi-compatibility. Why bother, for god's sake? Errors - that's obvious, 
warnings - ok, but hints?.. The more, the better, as they allow you to write 
better code, don't they?
If Delphi hasn't got some hints FPC has, that's Delphi's problem, not FPC's.

Just my three pence.


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