[fpc-pascal] Blockread and buffers

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Mar 25 19:37:02 CET 2005

> Hi Peter,
> on 2005-03-24T23:23:30+02:00 Peter wrote:
>>> The problem, you describe above could be solved relative simple, even
>>> the solution is more complex. I don't know any details of the
>>> compiler, but I assume, that internally the compiler use a identical
>>> structure to manage the parameter lists for all compiler modes. The
>>> compiler can analyse the function and determine, whether a var
>> This is not possible when the parameter is passed as var parameter to
>> another procedure that is external.
> I know. But why I should explain it more detailed, if you anyway
> disapprove such suggestions. :-(

Most ppl want compatibility with Delphi. When we add a warning for
uninitialized var parameters then there will be a lot of bug reports that
Delphi doesn't warn in those cases and we will have to reject the bug
report and explain it everytime.

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