[fpc-pascal] Question about interfaces

ml ml at brainwashers.org
Sun Mar 20 02:22:58 CET 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 02:55 +0200, Nikolay Nikolov wrote:
> ml wrote:
> >Other possibilities like ['?','%','$','|','&','::','^'] were only named
> >under btw. (and how can btw. under question 2 become the main flaming
> >topic is out of my reason, maybe its time to my annual lobotomy)
> >  
> >
> Well, mentioning C-isms in a pascal forum may sometimes lead to flames 
> :) (Yes, it was a c-ism, for example operator '::' exists only in C++.) 
> And btw some of these characters are already used in fpc. '$' is for hex 
> values ($deadbeef), '%' - for binary (%101010) and '&' - for octal 
> (&666). '^' is used for dereferencing pointers (p^.something := 5).

:) %$& you're right. 

But you're wrong for '::' '::' exists in perl too. Other C operator is
'|' (again this one exists in perl) which is or in C. But then again
someone could say that both are a nice way to express delimiters. 

I'm not really much of pascal lover, I'm just practical. I just use
something when it is clean, logical and usable for the purpose. So if
that's the case as you described it (about c flames), then either pascal
has no future, or it is very very dark. Because not even one tool is not
usable for all purposes.

> >3. Interface multiple inheritance. Asking just for a reason why not, for
> >sole curiosity. I solved that for my self with macros. Thanks to Nikolay
> >at least I think I got that one answered (he responded with negative
> >reason enough). And I must say that as I read his answer, I started
> >finding the way to implement them, without bothering devel team. It is
> >doable, ugly but doable. Just as I implemented foreach(). 
> >  
> >
> Keep in mind, that I'm not a FPC developer. I've just noticed that 
> delphi compatibility is a top priority for the FPC developers, so that's 
> why interfaces are done this way. I never said what you're asking for 
> will never be done in the future, I just explained why is it isn't done 
> now. When the FPC devels added interfaces, they probably added them with 
> Delphi compatibility in mind. That would also be an answer for your 
> question about properties in interfaces, too. Delphi 1 and 2 didn't have 
> interfaces at all. So the VCL doesn't really rely on interfaces. Then 
> Delphi 3 introduced (COM) interfaces. Please note that at that time they 
> didn't support properties at all. Some delphi versions later, the 
> borland guys decided to add properties to interfaces, so you're kinda 
> lucky that there are properties in interfaces at all :)

Yep, and I thanked you for that. Yours was the only usable reply all
others were just a bunch of flaming without knowing the question (as
soon as I read it I started looking for some other solution). Thanks


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