[fpc-pascal] Question about interfaces

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at SexMagnet.com
Sun Mar 20 01:55:45 CET 2005

ml wrote:

>Other possibilities like ['?','%','$','|','&','::','^'] were only named
>under btw. (and how can btw. under question 2 become the main flaming
>topic is out of my reason, maybe its time to my annual lobotomy)
Well, mentioning C-isms in a pascal forum may sometimes lead to flames 
:) (Yes, it was a c-ism, for example operator '::' exists only in C++.) 
And btw some of these characters are already used in fpc. '$' is for hex 
values ($deadbeef), '%' - for binary (%101010) and '&' - for octal 
(&666). '^' is used for dereferencing pointers (p^.something := 5).

>3. Interface multiple inheritance. Asking just for a reason why not, for
>sole curiosity. I solved that for my self with macros. Thanks to Nikolay
>at least I think I got that one answered (he responded with negative
>reason enough). And I must say that as I read his answer, I started
>finding the way to implement them, without bothering devel team. It is
>doable, ugly but doable. Just as I implemented foreach(). 
Keep in mind, that I'm not a FPC developer. I've just noticed that 
delphi compatibility is a top priority for the FPC developers, so that's 
why interfaces are done this way. I never said what you're asking for 
will never be done in the future, I just explained why is it isn't done 
now. When the FPC devels added interfaces, they probably added them with 
Delphi compatibility in mind. That would also be an answer for your 
question about properties in interfaces, too. Delphi 1 and 2 didn't have 
interfaces at all. So the VCL doesn't really rely on interfaces. Then 
Delphi 3 introduced (COM) interfaces. Please note that at that time they 
didn't support properties at all. Some delphi versions later, the 
borland guys decided to add properties to interfaces, so you're kinda 
lucky that there are properties in interfaces at all :)

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