[fpc-pascal] C++ and Free Pascal

Bob Shaffer freepascal at bobshaffer.net
Wed Mar 16 08:36:47 CET 2005

Peter Vreman said:
>> While searching the web for the answer to a somewhat common question:
>> Is it possible to link C++ libraries to Free Pascal programs?
>> I came across a reply on this mailing list.  The answer is no, and it
>> won't probably be possible any time soon.  The suggestion I read there
>> was
>> fairly simple.  Rewrite the library in Free Pascal.  While I don't
>> particularly want to do that, it did make me wonder about something
>> else:
>> Is it possible to link Free Pascal to C++?
>> A little more specifically, is it possible to use object-oriented pascal
>> code in a C++ program?
> Only with a wrapper unit that exports only normal functions/procedures
> (not methods) declared with cdecl it'll be possible.

Do you mean possible to link the C++ to a pascal unit, or vice-versa?

As far as linking the C++ into a pascal unit goes, I could possibly manage
to write a wrapper library (in C++) where I could maybe make a struct for
the data and pass it to all of the functions, and then link them all into
pascal with the cdecl stuff, and then maybe even make a pascal object
that's a wrapper for those things, but it just sounds like it would get
uglier and uglier as we go...  The general answer of "it's not possible"
is acceptable to me.

Maybe we can go the other way, though?  Maybe I can make a unit full of
objects in pascal, and then link that to C++ programs.  Would that be
possible without having to put wrappers over wrappers, or am I pretty much
stuck maintaining the library in both C++ and Pascal if I want it in both?

Bob Shaffer II

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