[fpc-pascal] RE: Help needed with interfacing to C-object-files.

Jeff Pohlmeyer yetanothergeek at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 13 00:03:33 CET 2005

I still don't understand what sort of c "package" you have
that generates a bunch of object files, but doesn't create
a shared library or static archive. 

Does it have its own makefile or configure script?
Sometimes adding --enable-shared or --enable-static
to configure will tell it to build a library.

> > Maybe I'm too used to using Delphi, where such things 
> > are hidden from the developper.

> That's the nice part of Delphi.

You are talking about searching the system for object 
files generated by another compiler and automatically
linking them into an executable ? 

I didn't know Delphi could do that ;-)

 - Jeff


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