[fpc-pascal] Re: KOL for freepascal (was: Extend thelibrariespeople!)

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Jun 7 17:56:56 CEST 2005

| > I will have to check to see if all the MCK components will compile
| though.. hopefully
| > things like KOL synedit and KOL synapse may even compile.

I have vmhsyntaxeditor working with just an error when I close the application
(synedit for kol).

| KOL uses Objects rather than Classes though, doesn't it? Shudder... a trip
| back to 1987.. May as well use C++ with all it's referencing and

Creating it visually is the key.. something we didn't have in 1987... but yeah, for
GUI windows apps starting at 40KB  ..smaller than all C applications I have seen (and
C++)... you can't expect full fledged everything I suppose.

You still go:

edit1.text:= 'something';

procedure button1click(sender:pObj);

And instead of

You go

And you must go
function something;
 result:='something'; //always set the result before doing anything else
 YourCode;           // or application will act funny.

Pointers are fairly invisible most of the time in KOL.. just like VCL hides them.

| dereferencing of pointers... I wish the ACL compiled under FPC. ACL was a

Basically invisible to the user in kol .

| much nicer library, and almost VCL alike in its layout too. Can easily make
| an exe less than 100KB with ACL. Pity no one develops it anymore :-(

I have heard about it before, haven't tried it yet.

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