[fpc-pascal] Pointers

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at mbox.vol.cz
Thu Jul 28 17:24:32 CEST 2005

> On Thursday 28 July 2005 06:11, Leonhard Holz wrote:
>> If you really want mode $13 you need to compile for dos, cause then
>> windows sets up an old-style 8086 environment. Unfortunately the
>> download page says:
>> "Sorry, no Dos release yet. The Dos platform is missing a maintainer
>> and is not of acceptable quality for 2.0."
> Ok. My turn. :) This statement on the webpage is "not entirely
> accurate".
> There is a DOS maintainer, but unfortunately I haven't had much spare
> time to work on that further. My latest tests were quite successful,
> the "only" problem still is that you can't debug inside the IDE, it
> still crashes due to - well, let me put it this way - interesting
> reasons.
> Demo programs and that stuff compiled and ran fine as far (there were
> some problems with the DOS specific mouse support, though, but the
> portable units worked).
> I hope, once things are a little bit settled at work, I will have more
> time to work on a real release quality version.

...daily generated snapshots available on our FTP can be used instead in
the meantime (saving John from some typing ;-) ).


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