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Vinzent Hoefler JeLlyFish.software at gmx.net
Thu Jul 28 15:48:21 CEST 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 06:11, Leonhard Holz wrote:

> If you really want mode $13 you need to compile for dos, cause then
> windows sets up an old-style 8086 environment. Unfortunately the
> download page says:
> "Sorry, no Dos release yet. The Dos platform is missing a maintainer
> and is not of acceptable quality for 2.0."

Ok. My turn. :) This statement on the webpage is "not entirely 

There is a DOS maintainer, but unfortunately I haven't had much spare 
time to work on that further. My latest tests were quite successful, 
the "only" problem still is that you can't debug inside the IDE, it 
still crashes due to - well, let me put it this way - interesting 

Demo programs and that stuff compiled and ran fine as far (there were 
some problems with the DOS specific mouse support, though, but the 
portable units worked).

I hope, once things are a little bit settled at work, I will have more 
time to work on a real release quality version.


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