[fpc-pascal] Sharp Zaurus ARM port stability?

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Fri Jul 22 00:24:04 CEST 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 06:53 pm, Alain Vitry wrote:
> Den,
> Could you point me to some reading/starting point on how to make those 
> bindings ?
> Swig doesn't support pascal yet.
> I have  a fresh QT4 bindings for pascal in mind.
> Thanks

There are several ways:

	kalyptus: see cvs/fpc/utils/kalyptus 
                        google on kde bindings / qt bindings
                        Florian started from the c-kalyptus one.

	smoke: more for scripting languages

	smoke/refract: c++ headers to xml using the gcc parsing capability.
				C++ may look to be the perfect parser for c++,		
                                but qt is not c++ but an enhanced delphi like language (hence why the moc)
                                so distance to qt language is big.

	freeclx: based on moc parsing. Moc converts qt language to c++. 
                     So Moc is close to the qt language and it gives you a very able parser.
                     With some modifications to the lex/yacc you can let moc produce a pascal qt binding. 
                     But each time trolltech adds to the qt language, they renew the moc, 
                     then you need to port your adaptations to the moc lex/yacc again.

		     We adapted the qt part of freeclx from qt 2.2.4 to qt 2.3.2 and qt/embedded
                     The result is on http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/qtforfpc/qt2/FreeClx/
	qtc binding:  as pascal can easily use c-libraries, the qtc binding seems a good base 
                            but difficult to maintain at each update of the qtc binding.
                            Andreas Hausladen is very productive in this matter. (allready qt3 binding),
                            I guess qt4 is in the make. Perhaps you can join forces with him.

	kind regards,

        Den Jean 

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