[fpc-pascal] Re: fpc Makefiles

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Fri Feb 11 09:00:43 CET 2005

Bob Barry wrote:
> On Thursday 10 February 2005 18:15, I wrote:
>>At the of the top fpc Makefile, it says:
>>   Don't edit, this file is generated by FPCMake Version 1.9.8 [2005/02/07]
>>How and when does that generation get done?
> I found fpcmake.  I would have found it sooner if the message at the top of the
> top Makefile had not capitalized the first four letters of its name.  Pascal is not
> case sensitive, but unix "find" _is_.  The message uses "TitleDate"; if it were
> changed to use "lowercase(TitleDate)", the message would be more accurate.

One could argue the tool name is FPCMake. The tool executable is called 
fpcmake. Unix find has a -iname search option for searching case sensitve.

> Are the makefiles in cvs kept up-to-date, or should users run fpcmake after
> updating from cvs?

As a rule yes. Usualy users don't have to run fpcmake, unless they 
change the Makefile.fpc.

>>All of the Makefiles use "TAROPT=vI" to compress with bzip; the gnu tar
>>changefile indicates that "I" was superseded by "j" on 2000-10-23.  The
>>attached patch changes all "vI" to "vj".
> The "vI" comes from fpcmake; the attached simple patch fixes it.

The fpcmake.inc file is generated by data2inc from fpcmake.ini.


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