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Mon Apr 4 23:23:17 CEST 2005

Quoting Florian Klaempfl <F.Klaempfl at gmx.de>:

> ml at brainwashers.org wrote:
> > Personaly, I stopped carring (its been a week or two now, and I still
> haven't
> > got the answer even where the problem lies)
> Well, we try currently prepare 2.0 so the focus is currently on bug
> fixing so nobody of the developers had time to investigate the patch
> more deeply yet so 1-2 weeks of delay aren't that big :)

2.0 is being mentioned first at 25 september 2003 (<joke>wow, that's a long "currently", and a lot 
of 1-2 weeks</joke>)? And my best guess is that interfaces are not part of the 2.0 plan (even bug 
reports and fixes I made were completely ignored, just like interfaces aren't part of the 2.0 goal). 

Then just answer this:

Would it be better if I develop things off your mailing list and just notify about things being done 
100% (and available for testing, and if it suits you...). There are two ways: on my page or on 
freshmeat. If interfaces being able to work aren't 2.0 plan then I just waste your time (and even 
more of mine just sitting and waiting). It is as I said, my project would contain about 2-3 mio lines 
taking the current state of pascal, and I need to remake some things for my self (to lower things 
down to 500000-750000 I have to make changes to compiler), but if they can be of any use to 
somebody, well it's free as in beer.

Why maybe affirmative answer would be better?
It would be better for me because answers wouldn't take forever. And it would be better for you 
because I wouldn't bug you. And then if you need something you take, it will be under the LGPL 

Features being developed now are:
MI interfaces 90% (MI=multiple inheritance)
Inclasses 15% (embedded classes)
foreach 0% (well, we know you hate it)
box-type 0% (something like variant, but simpler, better and less memory consuming)

and some other things which are mostly done, but my best guess is that will be pascal-off or too-
heretic-like and used by me only.


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