[fpc-pascal] One question?

ml at brainwashers.org ml at brainwashers.org
Fri Apr 1 15:57:43 CEST 2005

Ok, I found time as soon as I posted previous message. And realised one thing.

I don't assign anything, I just check wheter object or interface supports some
type and return boolean.

Whole point of this is to be flexible. 

Can you show example so I would know what to correct?

I only handle these
bool := (sometype is TClass)
bool := (sometype is TGuid)
bool := (someinterface is TGuid)
Do I accidentaly allow something else.

ok, I saw that I accidentaly included part of custom operator use handling, is
that it? But that one demands defined operator.

If I would enable comparing only related, then is probably wouldn't make any
sense. "is" is in all other languages is made as safecheck before "as" and
nothing else. No assigning.


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