[fpc-pascal]Modifying cpu registers while in turbo pascal interrupt routine ?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Mar 20 18:16:31 CET 2004

> > > A 286 is in fact a 32 bit cpu... limited to 32 mb ram.
> >
> > No, the 286 is a 16 bit cpu with a 24 bit address bus (so it can
> > address 16MB ram, not 32MB). The width of the address bus is
> > independent of the size of the registers of a cpu.
> Hmm indeed I was put off by masm's tutorial. It stated a 286 is a protected
> mode cpu... I thought that automatically ment 32 bit cpu :)

Protected mode pretty much means that the mapping from applications address
space to physical memory is not visible to the application.

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