[fpc-pascal]version differences

Pápai András APapai at mol.hu
Fri Mar 19 10:13:38 CET 2004

I recently upgraded fpc on my computer (1.0.4 -> 1.0.10). Now some programs
doen't work correctly. No problems with compilig, no run-time errors, but
the program doesn't work like before. (Win32 platform).

I attached a source (poweroff.pas). Compiling with 1.0.4, it works as I
With 1.0.10 (and 1.0.6) some API functions return an error.
LookupPrivilegeValue: 203, "ENVVAR_NOT_FOUND"
AdjustTokenPrivileges: 1300, "NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED"

I couldn't find the reason in the docs.
Can someone help me, please?



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