[fpc-pascal]Modifying cpu registers while in turbo pascal interrupt routine ?

Harald Houppermans houppermans at home.nl
Thu Mar 18 02:20:06 CET 2004

Man... great... :)

It says so in the specification lol:

Resets the interface associated with handle to a known state,
aborting any transmits in process and reinitializing the -> receiver <-

Ofcourse I didn't know what that ment ? "reinitializing"

Could mean anything :)

Apperently it just disables the receiver...

Probably nil or so :)

That's why the receiver never gets called...

Also for most packet drivers 'packets lost' will never increase
also bytes in will never increase...

For some packet drivers this might still work...

So apperently for most packet drivers the receiver needs to be initialized
and working etc... otherwise statistics won't get updated...

( but for some it still will ? or maybe those packet drivers are buggy...
who knows :) could be anything :) ) :)

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