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aomarlow aomarlow at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 26 07:29:38 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have an opinion on which version of Pascal, which Pascal compiler is "The" very best one for game creation . . . any type of games, from puzzles to first-person-shooters, loaded with graphics (2D and 3D)?

I�m asking about freeware versions at this point.  But I'd also like a separate opinion on commercial compilers.

And I�m sure that everyone must have an opinion!  What about Turbo Pascal, or Lazarus Pascal . . . all in all, what do YOU think is best suited for programming of all types of games?

I�d really appreciate it if you would all let me know what YOU think. I�ll listen to everyone�s opinion. One reason, is that I want to find out if it�s really true, that if you put two programmers into a room together, that you�ll get three opinions when they come out!

But mostly, I just want some good advice on which kind of Pascal I should put my time into. There�s never enough of it, and I don�t want to waste what I have checking out every kind of Pascal that I can download.  And, when it is time for me to spent my money, I'd like to put it in the best product.  That�s why I�m asking for this survey!

Thanks to everyone,


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