[fpc-pascal]Unit Linux under Win32?

Ivan Stamenkovic stameni at EUnet.yu
Wed Jun 2 22:24:50 CEST 2004


I have tried to compile an example from 'Free Pascal supplied units:
Ref. Guide', Chapter 18 - The Sockets Unit, Program Client, but failed
to compile. This example uses Linux unit, but both a command line
compiler and IDE do not compile that unit. I have tried to Build from
IDE, ppc386 -B, and Make All from the \pp\source directory, but none
of it has worked.

Is it possible to use that unit? If FPC tended to be
platform-independent, it would be possible, but I don't know what's
the matter. :(

Windows 98, FPC is 1.0.4 (archive name dosw32104full.zip), it's a bit
old, but


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