[fpc-pascal]FPDoc - where are source or executables

ZINTEL Gerhard gzintel at stadeln.faurecia.com
Wed Jul 7 14:37:31 CEST 2004

hello all,

after finding the reference manual of FPCs Code Documenter I'm not able to
find any source file or binary of it. The link in the documentation
(http://fpdoc.freepascal.org) seems not to work :-(

Is there any chance to get it? It would be very helpful and it seems to be
quite new (documentation from January 2004).


Gerhard Zintel
Faurecia Abgastechnik GmbH
Abt.: EGA
Fon.: +49 911 7610171
Fax.: +49 911 7610350
e-mail: GZintel at Stadeln.Faurecia.com

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