[fpc-pascal]Compiler error on ver 1.9.2, Windows only

Ken Linder kc7rad at radstream.com
Tue Feb 24 03:18:30 CET 2004

Hi all & I am quite happy to be here.

I have a rather small piece of code that ocassionally breaks the 1.9.2
(beta) compiler in Windows XP.  It compiles fine under Debian Linux.  Here's
the error I get when compiling in the 'fp' IDE:

Error: Compiler Exited
Error: Abstract Method Called

I am just doing a compile, not a full build.  All I have to do is exit the
IDE, reenter and recompile.  Until I exit the IDE, the error will occur in
anything I compile.

All the best & keep up the great work.  Oh, BTW, thanks for including
'interfaces' in this version!
Ken Linder

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