[fpc-pascal]FreePascal Crosscompiler for ARM (host linux i386)

Jose Pascual josepascual at almudi.com
Mon Feb 23 17:07:53 CET 2004

Hi Guys,
I'm trying to generate a cross compiler freepascal for ARM, 
I have downloaded the last snapshot source (cvs) of freepascal, 
but the making process stop with this error,
# ppcrossarm -Fi../inc -Fi../arm -Fi../unix -Fiarm
-FD/usr/local/arm/2.95.3/arm-linux/bin -FE. -darm -Fi../objpas/sysutils
./sysutils.s: Assembler messages:
./sysutils.s:11489: Warning: Shift of 0 ignored.
# ppcrossarm -Fi../inc -Fi../arm -Fi../unix -Fiarm
-FD/usr/local/arm/2.95.3/arm-linux/bin -FE. -darm -Sg
../objpas/typinfo.pp (unequaln, resulttype = "Boolean", pos = (443,6),
loc = LOC_INVALID, expectloc = LOC_FLAGS, intregs = 1, fpuregs = 0
   (loadn, resulttype = "Set Of TTypeKind", pos = (443,7), loc =
LOC_INVALID, expectloc = LOC_REF, intregs = 0, fpuregs = 0
      symbol = AKINDS
   (setconstn, resulttype = "Empty Set", pos = (443,15), loc =
LOC_INVALID, expectloc = LOC_CONST, intregs = 0, fpuregs = 0
typinfo.pp(443,6) Fatal: Internal error 200308241

My host is a linux and i386, the above error is making a cross compiler
with target ARM.

patched Makefile.FPC, because there was several error in sections for
ARM Run FPCMake to generate Makefile make CPU_TARGET=arm OS_TARGET=linux
CROSSBINDIR=/usr/local/arm/2.95.3/arm-linux/bin cycle

Thank you a lot in advanced

Best regards.

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