[fpc-pascal]FPC ncrt

Jeff Weeks jweeks at rci.rutgers.edu
Wed Aug 25 22:04:58 CEST 2004

ClrScr doesn't work using nCrt.  Anyone ever notice that?

Switching from Crt to nCrt causes readkey to function properly.  This 
is a big help.  But now I can't clear the screen!!

Which crt unit is everyone using?

Any way to force a screen clear?



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> From: Ken Wright <ken at cncware.com>
> Date: August 24, 2004 9:39:44 AM PDT
> To: Jeff Weeks <jweeks at rci.rutgers.edu>
> Subject: Re: FPC ncrt
> Hi Jeff,
> It's been a while since I've done much serious console work with fpc 
> so things
> may be different now, but.....
> Generally speaking the behaviour of crt in both fpc & tp should be the 
> same
> (read returns char immediately, readln waits for <enter>). Where I ran 
> into
> difficulty with crt originally was on Linux. Because crt was written 
> for a
> fixed dos console, programs for Linux only worked well on the console. 
> This
> was the inspiration to write a curses based crt replacement.
> If you are writing for Linux, then I do suggest using ncrt, as it is 
> terminal
> independant and therefore works virtually the same on any 
> console/terminal.
> For dos, ncrt of course will not work. I believe there is/was a dos 
> port of
> curses but I don't really see the point unless for complete code
> compatibility between platforms. There are tons of great screen units 
> that
> make dos scream ;-)
> Cheers!
> Ken
> On 08/24/2004 10:54 am, you wrote:
>> Oooops!  this was a question about ncrt.
>> Thanks.
>> Jeff
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>>> From: Jeff Weeks <jweeks at rci.rutgers.edu>
>>> Date: August 24, 2004 10:51:37 AM PDT
>>> To: ken at cncware.com
>>> Subject: FPC nCurses
>>> Hi Ken.   I'm converting a TP program to FP and having difficulty
>>> reading the keyboard buffer.  I don't get any keys until after ENTER
>>> is pressed.  Which is different from normal TP behavior.  Would
>>> switching from crt to ncrt solve this problem?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Jeff Weeks
>>> Rutgers University
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