[fpc-pascal]FPC 1.9.4: fpc.cfg and Linux unit.

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Aug 14 18:54:37 CEST 2004

> 1) I have one problem with 1.9.4 compared to 1.0.10:
> The Linux unit seems not to be recognized properly; the 'stat' record
> type seems to be undefined, f.ex.:

1.9.x has a brand new unix rtl, most calls are now in baseunix/unix and 
prefixed with "fp"

For urgent 1.0.x legacy, the 1.0.x linux unit is available in 1.9.x as
"oldlinux", however while 100% the same as 1.0.10's, oldlinux is not
entangled with system anymore, and this might cause small incompabilities.

For background info, see:

> 2) And for both versions:
> The doc states that, if using option '-n', the compiler skips the
> default config file and tries to reed '~/.fpc.cfg' (among others).
> But I can't get this to work,
> 1.9.4 says:  "Fatal, Can't find unit SYSTEM"
> 1.0.10 says: "Fatal, Can't find unit SYSLINUX"

The path where the compiler can find the RTL is in fpc.cfg. So it can't
find system because you specified -n

This means you will have to add the path to your desired RTL manually with
-Fu (check the -Fu line in your fpc.cfg, the one with an asterisk at the end)

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