[fpc-pascal]FPC 1.9.4: fpc.cfg and Linux unit.

Arne Hanssen fpc at tuxic.net
Sat Aug 14 18:03:13 CEST 2004

1) I have one problem with 1.9.4 compared to 1.0.10:
The Linux unit seems not to be recognized properly; the 'stat' record
type seems to be undefined, f.ex.:

Free Pascal Compiler version 1.9.4 [2004/05/30] for i386
Copyright (c) 1993-2004 by Florian Klaempfl
Target OS: Linux for i386
Compiling source/pascal/Utils/dircomp.pas
dircomp.pas(155,10) Error: Identifier not found "stat"
dircomp.pas(155,14) Error: Error in type definition
dircomp.pas(169,54) Warning: range check error while evaluating
dircomp.pas(176,6) Error: Identifier not found "FStat"
dircomp.pas(178,5) Error: Identifier not found "ChMod"
dircomp.pas(178,37) Error: Illegal qualifier
dircomp.pas(178,45) Error: Illegal expression
dircomp.pas(179,8) Error: Identifier not found "linuxerror"
dircomp.pas(179,46) Error: Identifier not found "linuxerror"
dircomp.pas(179,93) Error: Illegal expression
It compiles fine under 1.0.10!

2) And for both versions:
The doc states that, if using option '-n', the compiler skips the
default config file and tries to reed '~/.fpc.cfg' (among others).
But I can't get this to work,
1.9.4 says:  "Fatal, Can't find unit SYSTEM"
1.0.10 says: "Fatal, Can't find unit SYSLINUX"

Am I missing something?  If I got this to work I could easily fire
up 1.0.10 for sources using the Linux unit and have my system set up
for 1.9.4 by default.  As it seems now I have to mess with the
default config file (/etc/fpc.cfg) which I would prefer not to.
I've tried experimenting with the PPC_CONFIG_PATH, but no success.

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