[fpc-pascal]Delphi "9" language features...

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at gmx.at
Fri Aug 13 19:01:26 CEST 2004


>> Exactly, which is why I prefer the idea Borland has gone for. The STL 
>> is not
>> a good idea.
> The behaviour of the d9 iterators appear to me very unspecific. In which 

I think this is because the origin of this information is only a blog 
entry, no specification...

> order does it iterate through the elements? What happens if I delete an 
> element while iterating, maybe even the current. Does an iterator stay 
> valid if I remove the element from the container? 

See below.

>How can I change how the iterator behaves? etc.

Implement the interface methods for iterating over the class according 
to one's wishes I suppose.


For Arrays: as indicated it's just a shorthand for a "for i := low(arr) 
to high(arr) ...."

For IEnumerable: I guess they'll comply to the behaviour of the 
IEnumerable interface of .NET, so have a look there:


- if the collection is changed while iterating over it, IEnumerable 
throws an exception
- no inherent thread safety
- behaviour (e.g. iteration order) specific to implementation

I think this syntactic sugar construct is better than nothing: At least 
I make a lot of mistakes regarding lost "-1" when specifying the upper 
bound when writing code to iterate over a TStringList or similar - or 
the imo stupid and repetitive "for i := low(xy) to high(xy) do begin" 
sequences all over the place in case of normal arrays.

What's more interesting for me is that it seems that there will be a 
Delphi compiler emitting native code again... :-)


One cent...

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