[fpc-pascal]GO32V2 Some errors

Lubomir.Cabla at cssz.cz Lubomir.Cabla at cssz.cz
Tue Aug 3 13:31:40 CEST 2004

1. Link (on page http://www.freepascal.org/download.html)
to GO32V2 version of version 1.9.4 is still broken:


2. IDE in GO32V2 under DOS: error on breakpoint labels

I open a unit file eg. EXAMPLE.PAS from directory c:\project1 and made one
Next i open different unit but with the same name EXAMPLE.PAS from another
location on disk c:\project2.

When i'm running a main.pas program now, which is using
unit EXAMPLE.PAS from c:\source, program stops and shows the source unit
with a breakpoint line in the second file from c:\project2 (?),
not from c:\project1.

IDE is always using the last opened file with name EXAMPLE.PAS.


Lubomir Cabla/CBL

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