[fpc-pascal]Compiler error messages GO32V2

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Apr 5 10:51:24 CEST 2004

>> uses crt;
>> var NoOfColumns : word;
>> StatusLine,s : string;
>> begin
>> NoOfColumns:=24;
>> StatusLine:='ESC';
>> s:='Press any key...';
>> gotoXY((NoOfColumns div 2)-(Length(StatusLine+': '+s)
>> div 2), 2);
>> end.
>> With version 1.9.3. (now i tried version from 5.4.2004
>> also)
>> i always got a compiler error (in IDE)
>> "Asm [mov reg8,???] invalid combination of opcode and
>> operands"
> This looks like a compiler bug, I'd suggest to enter this into
> the bugs repository on our WWW pages. Please, check what level of
> optimizations have you set (-O???? parameters) and whether it
> happens with all optimizations turned off as well (-O-), and add
> this information to your bug report.

This is a register allocator bug:

	sarl	$1,%eax
	subl	%eax,%edi
	movb	%ireg5l,%al
	movb	-516(%ebp),%dl

%ireg5l = %DIL which doesn't exists on x86

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