Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Tue Sep 9 13:14:26 CEST 2003

Lukas Gebauer wrote:
>>Since there is no real non win32  .NET OS in the picture, there is no real
>>hurry anyway.
>>What would be the advantages of FPC compiling for .NET in your opinion?
> .NET is not only for Win32! (AFAIK .NET for Linuxes is in development 
> too.)
> For example, I have the PDA. On this PDA is OS WinCE.NET. When I have 
> program for .NET, then I can run this program on my WinXP and on my 
> PDA too. (without any recompilation!) yes, I tried this and it really 
> working!
> And what about new 64-bit processors?
> FPC can compile programs for Win32 with i386 processors. But what 
> about new IA64 processors? I cannot use FPC for this! :-(
> Now look to FPC features:
> Support of  FPC for WinCE platform? Not! What about ARM/XSCALE 
> processors? NOT! What about new 64-bit processors from intel or AMD?

ARM and x86-64 are under construction. iA64 will follow as soon as it's 

> NOT!
> FPC is not usable for this platforms and processors. When FPC can 
> compile to .NET, then you can create programs for all this platforms. 
> it is IMHO very big advantage!
> And what about next advantages of .NET? What about lot of existing 
> code in .NET framework?
> What about combining sources from another languages? You can create 
> program, where part is written in C#, part is written in VB.NET... 
> and part is written in pascal? it is not advantage?

The last time when I investigated .NET I found out that the creation of 
a .NET FPC release would be rather complicated because of MS licenses. 
The only solution would be to use mono but mono isn't ready to use yet.

My personal opionion is: I won't support creating another MS monopol by 
implementing .NET. More than 100 Sorbig mails per day and at least every 
minute an attack by lovescan are simply too much :)

But if someone is interessted, creating a .NET backend for FPC shouldn't 
be that hard.

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