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Tue Sep 9 12:37:08 CEST 2003

> Since there is no real non win32  .NET OS in the picture, there is no real
> hurry anyway.
> What would be the advantages of FPC compiling for .NET in your opinion?

.NET is not only for Win32! (AFAIK .NET for Linuxes is in development 

For example, I have the PDA. On this PDA is OS WinCE.NET. When I have 
program for .NET, then I can run this program on my WinXP and on my 
PDA too. (without any recompilation!) yes, I tried this and it really 

And what about new 64-bit processors?

FPC can compile programs for Win32 with i386 processors. But what 
about new IA64 processors? I cannot use FPC for this! :-(

Now look to FPC features:
Support of  FPC for WinCE platform? Not! What about ARM/XSCALE 
processors? NOT! What about new 64-bit processors from intel or AMD? 

FPC is not usable for this platforms and processors. When FPC can 
compile to .NET, then you can create programs for all this platforms. 
it is IMHO very big advantage!

And what about next advantages of .NET? What about lot of existing 
code in .NET framework?

What about combining sources from another languages? You can create 
program, where part is written in C#, part is written in VB.NET... 
and part is written in pascal? it is not advantage?

Lukas Gebauer.

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