[fpc-pascal]About order of units...

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> > I simply think you're on
> > a bad track suspecting that your problems are originated from some
> > bugs in Windows unit.
> Ok, I can accept that... but now I'm left to wonder what is causing
> all those bizarre range checking errors and why my project's screens
> draw as they do. The most puzzling is how launching a file in a
> completely different program can cause range checking errors in mine.

I have one idea (although I'm no windows programmer). How do you play 
sound files - using some kind of your own code, or relying on default 
Windows handlers (i.e. installed Windows codecs)? If it's the latter, 
you might be possibly using IE for playing your sound files even 
without knowing it. That might be a possibility how starting IE might 
influence your program.


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