[fpc-pascal]Problem - ocrt.pp & cp1251

Ivan Petrov jhs at bse.bg
Mon Sep 1 00:00:37 CEST 2003


I use ocrt unit since a couple of moths and I found it very useful.

The problem occures when I use nEdit function for string type variable.
In the codepage cp1251 (microsoft :-((( ) the symbol with code 255 ($FF) is
a cyrillic letter that sounds like "ya".
When I press its key, nothing happens, the function rejects the input.

I walked by the source and I saw that the symbol #255 is used to mark
some internal events.

This codepage is used in Bulgaria. I don't know the historical reason why this	
codepage is chosen in my country, but I have to cope with this.

I have no that much time to rewrite that huge function...
Any suggestions?
Ivan Petrov

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