[fpc-pascal]Calling Procedures via pointers

Andy Powell andy.powell at vocalisinternet.com
Thu Oct 30 15:59:40 CET 2003

At 15:05 30/10/2003, you wrote:
>At 22:50 29/10/2003, Anton Tichawa wrote:
>>Hello, Andy!
>>Pascal supports procedure types, which are more reliable compared to untyped
>>pointers. Procedure types also distinguish the types of the procedure's
>>parameters (which is not important for your parameterless callback
>>procedure). My suggestion is:
>Hey Anton!
>You're a Star! I made a minor change (using 
>SetCallBack(@MyCallBack);)  and it appears to
>be working REALLY well, I just need to test my application...
>Many thanks indeed, you saved me there!! And such a quick response too :D 

Ok, ok, I spoke too soon - it didn't work.... :'(


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