[fpc-pascal]gpm library compiled by default ?

James Mills prologic at daisy.ods.org
Fri Oct 24 12:23:33 CEST 2003

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 07:59:56AM +0200, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> From your answer I understand that you are recompiling Keyboard unit 
> with -dNOMOUSE, which is pointless. I wrote (maybe it was not clear 
> enough, sorry) that you should recompile _Mouse_ unit (not Keyboard unit).
> If this is not the case and you're doing as I said (recompiling Mouse 
> unit), you should make sure that you're really linking your program with 
> the newly compiled Mouse unit. E.g. you can check this by adding a small 
> Writeln('something...') to initialization section of Mouse unit or by 
> compiling with -vu.
> If you're 100% sure that you're compiling your program with Mouse unit 
> that does not require Gpm unit than it means that some other unit uses 
> Gpm unit (I assume here that there is no other unit that links to libgpm 
> library directly, without using Gpm unit). There is not such unit in FPC 
> 1.0.10 RTL, but that doesn't mean anything... So in this case you should 
> use Peter Vreman's advice and recompile program with -vu to see what 
> other unit uses Gpm unit.

Ok I was a tad bit confused. You originally said to recompile the RTL,
which I don't really want to do anyway, and I don't have the sources to
recompile. I'll just stick with the main stream version :)

People that use my console programs are just gonna have to have the gpm
library installed now aren't they :)


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