[fpc-pascal]Re: working with bitmaps

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Oct 20 10:20:48 CEST 2003

> will not work on old Linux any more (i.e. SuSE 5.2), so they are in fact
> useless. (I like to use very old computers to give them a second life for
> minimalistic things, but this machines are too weak for fat new Linuxes...)
> Also I am afraid that
> a.) this new FPC classes (again) will not use this libraries but do all
>     this data fiddleing together by themselves. :-/
> b.) be therefore much more unstable because the self-knitted code has to
>     be tested again, what is already finished with this C libraries.
     (headers also need testing)

  c.) keeps the dependancies down.
> I asked some time ago for a wrapper and got the laconic answer that I would
> only have to do a header translation and then do this and that... :-(
> Why is there nothing available which does at least the simpler things of that?

Nobody submitted one yet. 

We only have the tool that was used for the windows unit translation.
> Mostly required will be those functions which reading/writing images from/to
> files and putting them somewhere unpacked into memory for further
> manipulation, but even this is not really available.

There is pasjpg, there is a libpng header, some bmp fiddling.  
> Would be nice to receive some information about where I could get a unit which
> works with FPC 1.0.4 (this one works with SuSE 5.2, too) and is NOT in Delphi
> Style.

Obtain the latest source archive of FPC, and grep on some picture formats.
You'll have to do the retrofitting of those sources to 1.0.4 yourself, but that
shouldn't be too hard. 

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