[fpc-pascal]working with bitmaps

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Fri Oct 17 16:48:33 CEST 2003

Hello Rudolf,

Did you check the 'fly' program? I've use it to create something like you
want to do. It's stand-alone, but from pascal you can generate a series of
simple instructions into a text file, the have 'fly' execute them.

According to my docs, the URL is http://martin.gleeson.com/fly/

Another possibility is to use the ImageMagick library you probably have
installed on your machine. Using its 'convert' and other commands you can
combine images, scale, apply effects, even draw on them. If on Unix, type
'man convert'.


On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 14:27:17 +0200
"Rudolf Harney" <rudolf.harney at web.de> wrote:

> Hi!
> I want to create a coloured overlay over a (geographical) map. I do have
> the map as a bitmap and I wrote a fpc program, creating informations for
> the map (ASCII file with coordinates and values for each point on the
> map). I don't have experience in manipulating bitmaps, yet. Does someone
> know a fpc-tool, to generate a new bitmap from that? Or another little
> "bitmap-manipulater-program" (freeware), that I can call? Thanks for
> help!-- 
> Rudolf Harney
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