[fpc-pascal]GTK problem

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Oct 6 10:59:37 CEST 2003

> Hello
> I am just learning gtk and try to translate the examples in the "GTK+2.0
>Tutorial" from Tony Gale and Ian Main to fpc. In chapter 7 there is a simple
>button example which uses the "gtk_image_new_from_file" function to load a
>xpm file. This function is included in the gtk2 release but fpc does not
>find it. I guess the gtk interface from fpc is not up to date with the newer
>releases of gtk (I am using fpc version 1.0.10). Is this correct ? If yes
>what release does fpc relay on and are there any plans to make the newer gtk
>features available ?

Yes. FPC uses GTK 1.2, also because that is still the prime target of

Lazarus (lazarus.freepascal.org) is migrating to GTK2 however. Most GTK
experts are on the lazarus maillists.

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